Universal navigation
app for all iOS devices

Universal navigation
app for all iOS devices


A speedometer, compass, trip computer, the Google maps and a music player are combined into an elegant and easy to use interface.

Drive Assist is the best driver assistant with an incredibly and easy to use interface supporting color scheme change.

Exceptional readability – just take a quick look when driving.
Well-designed ergonomics – you cannot miss the right key while driving.


The overspeed warning feature. You can set 2 different speed values. This feature triggers sound and visual signals when the vehicle reaches the set speed values. The mileage data including daily and total mileage as well as current, maximum and average speed is available.


Compass with GPS coordinates

Your location is represented visually and accurately.


The trip computer with a weather forecast

A trip data including travel and stop-over duration and also altitude and speed dynamics is displayed. Plus a weather forecast for the place you are currently located.


Navigation and maps

Well-known Google maps with convenient and quick fingertip control. Such features as displaying traffic jams and current route are included.


Music player

The easy to control player. All your music collection is available including such features as playlists and sorting. You don’t have to switch to another app.